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I'm currently located at
San Diego Campus - 5485
5485 Gaines Street San Diego CA 92110


Frankie #742918
Florida White/Mix
Male  |  4 lbs 4.8 oz
Adoption Fee: $15.00

How this pet arrived:
This pet was brought in by a Field Services Officer on June 25, 2021.

Why this pet is the one for you:
Frankie is a sweet little rabbit who is looking for his human soulmate! A little behind on socialization, this bunny will need extra TLC and patient bonding to help his come out of her shell. Frankie, like all rabbits, will need a large x-pen/playpen like enclosure with at least 12 square feet of room to stretch out. Rabbits are very easy to litter-box train, and Frankie is a smart little bunny! Along with her litter box, Frankie will enjoy having hiding places, toys, things to chew on, and a bunny friend! Incredibly social, rabbits thrive with other rabbits. Everyone needs a best friend who "speaks their language" right? If you don't already have a bunny at home, ask your adoption counselor how to get Frankie a friend, appropriate timelines, and bonding process. Frankie will also need plenty of daily time to explore outside of his pen and hang with his human! Rabbits are intelligent and complex animals who do well in families with humans who understand that they are prey animals, and do not always enjoy being held/picked up. The best way to bond with Frankie is to spend time with him outside of his pen, and shower him with plenty of cilantro, romaine lettuce, and Timothy hay! When rabbits get the space and enrichment they need, they often form deep bonds with their humans in the same way a dog or cat would. If you'd like to learn more about Frankie, comes down to the San Diego campus to speak with an adoptions counselor! Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV2) is a highly contagious disease affecting rabbits. Due to its presence in San Diego County, all rabbits will receive a mandatory RHDV2 vaccine before adoption. Guests will be charged $12 for this vaccine upon adoption.

Color: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes


My adoption fee includes my spay / neuter, permanent microchip identification, and a certificate for a free veterinary exam!

This website is live and updates frequently, there is chance that when you arrive at our location the animal you have an interest in might have been adopted or another party might be going through the adoption process at that present time. Please note the Animal ID and bring it with you.

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