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Angela Martin #699903
Female  |  2Yrs 3Mths (approx)  |  1 lbs 6.4 oz

I've been adopted!


How this pet arrived:
This pet was brought in by a Good Samaritan on October 15,2020

Why this pet is the one for you:
Do you like to indulge in some juicy gossip every once in a while? If so, Angela Martin may be the pig for you! Guinea Pigs are very vocal and always have tea to spill! They have so many different squeaks, wheeks, purrs, and rumbles to let you know EXACTLY how they feel. Guinea Pigs are incredibly social animals who need to be kept in pairs/groups to thrive. Luckily Angela arrived at SDHS with her best friends, Pam #699902 and Phyllis #699901 (#herdgoals)! This trio is a packaged deal so their combined adoption fee will be $40. Guinea Pigs need a lot of ground space to run around and stay healthy. Angela and friends will need at least 10 square feet of space to call home. An easy and inexpensive way to give them a DIY piggy palace is called a C&C cage(google it!). Guinea pigs need lots of daily timothy hay to munch on, extra space to run around in, and toys to keep them active and enriched! If you'd like to bring this herd of hunnies home, book an appointment today!

Color: Tan
Spayed/Neutered: No


My adoption fee includes a certificate for a free veterinary exam!

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