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Alien #700138
Female  |  3Mths 2Wks (approx)

I've been adopted!

Age: 4 weeks

How this pet arrived:
This pet was born at SDHS after the mother was brought in.

Why this pet is the one for you:
This little Hammy dreams of having their own place where they have plenty of space to burrow, forage, and chew! Hamsters are solitary animals who need a LOT of daily enrichment to keep them from becoming bored. They need a large amount of room with plenty of bedding to dig intricate tunnels where they can do secret hamster things away from prying eyes. Although hamsters are very small, they need plenty of space to run, forage for food, and most importantly burrow! The bare minimum amount of space for a hamster is 450 sq inches of ground space( equal to a 40 gallon tank). An easy and affordable way to give your hammy the space they needs is to make a "Hamster Bin Cage" (google it!). Hamsters haven't been domesticated for long so they aren't always easy to tame. Hamsters are a good fit for older children or adults who aren't looking for a pet to cuddle with. The best way to interact with your hamster is to use a hamster playpen! You can sit inside and let them climb all over you while they explore paper towel tunnels! This baby hamster hasn't had much socialization with humans yet. They would love to find a human who will spend time slowly building a bond of trust and love with them! Would you love to spend a Sunday afternoon building an epic toilet paper roll maze out of the secret TP stockpile you purchased during your last trip to Costco? Then this little hamster for you! Make an appointment to learn more about them today so that you can start engineering some cardboard creations together!

Color: White
Spayed/Neutered: Unknown


My adoption fee includes a certificate for a free veterinary exam!

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